I cannot recommend Jessie Brauer enough. She is incredibly patient and willing to go the extra mile for her students. Her experience in working with students on IEP’s was especially valuable to us, and she was able to equip our son with the tools he needed to be successful not only as a high school student but also to do well on the SATs and to be successful as a college freshman. She kept us informed on our son’s progress and even attended a parent-teacher conference advocating for our son and helping us navigate the school system keeping us all on the same page so that we could work as a united team to ensure our son’s success. In addition, not only was she punctual and professional, her sense of humor and unintimidating manner was not only refreshing to us but made it possible for our shy and quiet son to connect with her. He seemed to come out of his shell a bit during the time that he worked with her. He enjoyed working with her even when he wasn’t in the mood, her personally and attitude won him over. She was an invaluable resource. We will miss seeing her bubbly personality. In a word we loved her!
— Karen & Brian McCall

My son recently graduated from Northeastern University and I am convinced this was made possible by Jessie. Jessie’s calm, persistent, and very insightful work with my son helped not just “right the ship” by finally fully laying out the expectations, assignments, online systems, etc. that formed the structure of school, but by helping him find ways to systematically access his ideas and translate them to the page so that he could successfully complete writing assignments. After working with Jessie once a week across a few semesters, my son was able to complete his final capstone writing project with an A grade (at a time when Jessie was in school herself and not available as a tutor). He had internalized the work with Jessie to the point that he could organize a semester long writing project and make all the deadlines. It was like a miracle to us.
— Deb Claflin, Parent

Jessie has made a huge difference in a short amount of time and we are all very grateful to have her as a resource for our son. He is really enjoying the Skype sessions (1:1 Writing Coaching). He feels so much more confident in his writing and English abilities which is such a pleasure to see.
— Parent, London, England