General Writing Assignments & Projects

for High School & College

You bring the content-specific knowledge.

We'll bring the organization, planning, and personalized support you need to get that paper written.

Creating Literacy's unique approach to individualized writing instruction allows us to support students in a wide variety of subjects. From high school English essays to mandatory college writing requirements to research papers about Marimo (Japanese algae balls), we have done it all.  

Check out how we can help you get that writing requirement complete!

1:1 Writing Coaching: Work by video and shared documents with a certified teacher for individualized writing instruction. You will need to have the details of your assignment for the session. A coach can help interpret, clarify, or organize an assignment, provide direct instruction to remediate skills, and make immediate improvements in your writing. A writing coach listens to what you want your piece to convey and teaches you how to write it.

Editing & Revision Services:  A certified teacher will edit a draft for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage. When possible, submit a copy of the writing prompt, assignment, or rubric to have the draft edited to meet those specific requirements.  The draft will be returned by email within 24 hours of submission with suggestions for changes and a summary of common mistakes. In a rush? No problem. We can get your draft back to you in 3 hours.