College Essays and Personal Statements

Are you looking to stand apart from the rest of the applicants or punctuate four years of hard work with an amazing essay?

Creating Literacy can help you find your voice.

1:1 Writing CoachingWork by video and shared documents with a certified teacher for individualized college essay and personal statement writing. Please have copies of all the essays or personal statement prompts you need to complete.

We will categorize topics and write essays that can be revised and repurposed for multiple admission documents. Spend an hour with us and be well on your way to having your college essays complete!

Editing & Revision Services: A certified teacher will edit a draft for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage. When possible, submit a copy of the essay or personal statement writing prompt to have the draft edited to meet those specific requirements.  The draft will be returned by email within 24 hours of submission with suggestions for changes and a summary of common mistakes. We have you covered if you waited until the last minute! Upgrade to get your essay back in 3 hours.