Academic Coaching

Services Available

In-home Support in MetroWest Boston, MA: Weekly or bi-weekly-1 hour sessions to create organization systems, assess reading and writing levels, remediate literacy skills, and provide direct study skills instruction for middle school and high school students.

Online Sessions for College Students: Weekly or bi-weekly one- hour sessions by Skype or Google Hangout and shared documents to create organization systems, create short-term & long-term study plans, and direct instruction in college level writing. 


Is homework a never ending battle with your middle/high school student?

Is writing an area of weakness for your student?

Is your college student struggling to adjust to the new academic demands?

Does your child struggle to organize their materials?


Academic Coaching focuses on remediating weaknesses in executive functioning skills. This type of coaching is different than content specific tutoring. Typical students are struggling across multiple subject areas despite have the potential to do very well in their classes. The goal of academic coaching is to teach organizational systems to help students access their content-specific knowledge efficiently and effectively.

Executive Function Skills Include:

  • Active Reading Skills
  • Time Management
  •  Project Management
  • Study Skills 
  • Self-regulation
  • Self- advocacy skills
  • Organization